Market trends and growth

The global market is experiencing an increasing demand for consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, media players and drones

smartphones expected to be shipped in 2022

The development of modern electronic devices calls for constant improvement in battery technology. The Batteries aims to capitalize on this growth

expected Li-Ion batteries market in 2023, USD

Business Targets

We aim to commercialize our manufacturing technology for thin film solid state batteries en-masse. Our goals are:

  • revolutionizing the current battery manufacturing industry by introducing a new production technology that will provide the basis for further development of batteries for the years to come
  • providing affordable thin film batteries for consumer electronics, IoT devices and other markets

Cost structure and revenue streams

The target annual production capacity of our pilot production line is about 10 million Wh/year (for example, about 6 million batteries for premium smartwatch). The production of such a moderate scale will have relatively flexible manufacturing and commercial processes. It will let us adjust our product lineup and business model promptly to meet the new challenges set by the global market.

Project Timeline

Basic principles investigated

Investigation of the most promising approaches to increase the energy density of the batteries. The thin film technology was chosen.

The concept established

A new approach to obtain thin film batteries using vacuum deposition equipment with lower material usage requirements and costs was established.

Proof of concept in lab environment

R&D equipment developed. The feasibility of high production consistency and material utilization using high-density plasma evaporation confirmed

First demo cells manufactured

The working prototype of the production line is completed. The working prototypes (demo samples) of advanced battery cells are manufactured

Finalizing R&D phase

Closed cycle of technological development for TFB production at lab has been developed. We have developed our own unique production technique concept that we would test and adjust for mass production on the course of the project.

Demonstration lab factory (demo in-line) design

Started designing demonstration lab (demo in-line) equipment and plant based on developed technology as well as designing efficient plant layout.

Demo in-line factory piloting

Started developing a small scale demo in-line factory in the lab for demonstrating the technology realization in mass production.

Demo in-line factory starting-up

Starting-up demo in-line factory at the lab.

Demo in-line factory modernization

Developing and setting up modernizations of demo in-line factory for increasing total capacity.

Upscaling the technology

Upscaling by means of developing new capacities or licensing the technology.